Introducing Me

Painting on My Old Teacher Desk (Quote by Angela Maiers)                  Photo by: Denise Krebs

Hello, my name is Bailey! Welcome to my blog. I am new to this whole “blogging” thing so enjoy the beginnings of my experience. This site helps me communicate with my classmates, friends, and strangers. Specifically, I am hoping to reach an audience of teachers in all stages of professional journeys. Currently, I am an aspiring elementary school teacher earning my degrees and teaching credential. Whether just beginning, in the middle, or in retirement, I hope this blog serves as a place to talk about diversity and how we, as teachers, can incorporate different cultures in our classrooms. I know, this may seem like a challenge, and you may wonder “What about common core? What about the standards? What about my already perfect lesson plans?” Well, I am here to tell you not to worry. We are going to start with what we have and make our classrooms the best they can possibly be. I know as teachers we all strive to create a safe, welcoming, and inclusive environment for all of our students. Let’s do this together. Let’s create an open forum for comments, suggestions, and ideas. We can help our students and guide them to be the next generation of leaders who will one day change the world!