“Your behavior influences others through a ripple effect. A ripple effect works because everyone influences everyone else”

– John Heider, The Tao of Leadership

Just because a class has finished does not mean one’s effort to learn should cease. Because of this, I must make it a goal to continue my education about diverse cultures. This is incredibly important to me because of the influence I will have on my future students. I must present them with window books so they have the opportunity to read about people who do not identify similarly to themselves. I have already begun this in my project #4, but one lesson plan composed of four books is not nearly enough! I have an advantage because I have plenty of time before I become a teacher; however, it is never too early to start planning. So, in order to continue my efforts…

My goal is to search for children’s literature books from and about diverse culture, which I will be able to incorporate in my classroom and curriculum when I become a teacher. I hope that by the time I have my own classroom (2019-2020) I will have 100 books from diverse cultures ready to utilize and present to my students.

5-point Plan

  • First, continue to blog on “Seeking to be Boundless” and get more resources from those who comment or give insight.
  • Look to others for help- read other teacher’s blogs and literary blogs or look for Pinterest boards showcasing diverse books.
  • Next, go off of the novel for project #3 and find a children’s literature book that is from the same culture. See where this leads me.
  • Continually check American Library Association for new ideas.
  • And, pay attention to diverse book awards, ie. Corretta Scott Award, Rainbow Project Book List.

**A lot of these do not require a specific time frame, and they can be fulfilled throughout time and without pressure of completing. Essentially, my search is never complete! 

I am doing this because this semester I had the opportunity to observe and teach in schools that were more diverse than the ones I attended. The students at the schools I attended were prominently white, middle class. The students at the schools I observed were majority latino/a and of varying socioeconomic status’. It was an eye-opening experience being able to compare a few schools and see how different the student demographics truly are. I now see how important it is to incorporate and teach diverse books. Every student should be able to see themselves in literature and learn about others from the books they read.

The most important thing that can come of this class is my understanding of those who are different than me. I must learn more, so I can hand my knowledge down to my future students. School is not only about math and science, but it is about how to become a citizen of the world. The only way to do this is to explore, create a ripple, and expand boundaries.


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